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2019 Player to Watch: Morgan State DB Donte Small

Next on our list is Junior DB Donte Small from Morgan State University. Small was a 1st team All-MEAC last season. Small has great size at 6’0 195 lbs and also very fluid hips which allows him to excel in playing both press and off-man coverage. He’s also great tackler as a corner, he had 31 total tackles and 28 of them were solo which was good for 5th on his team. He also had 3 interception game in week 1 of last season and took one of the three to the house with a 45-yard return. Small’s recovery speed is special receivers may seem like they have a bit of separation but once the ball is released he will be in position to make a play on the ball, a reason why he was tied for 7th in the nation with 15 passes defended.

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