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2022 Draft Prospect Southern OL J'Atyre Carter

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Coming into this season J'Atyre Carter was regarded as the top HBCU OL going into the draft. He's very technically sound with good size at 6'3 306 Lbs. He is very aware run blocker because he understands where he is relative to where the play is going. Very solid pass protector, trusts his footspeed during pass pro even against speedy rushers.

In this video I will show 6 clips against two of the best edge defenders in FCS football in James Houston (another 2022 prospect) and Isaiah Land (2023 prospect who led the FCS in sacks).

*All video is from Cut Day Sports on Youtube*

In the first clip you'll see Carter set the edge and not let Land get far up field to stop him from picking u speed forcing him to have to beat him with his strength and hands which are not Land's strengths. When Land tries to disengage, he can't because of the strength and hand positioning of Carter. On the next clip you'll see Carter take on two defenders on a blitz to give his QB enough time to get the throw off. In the third clip Carter flips his hips and sets the edge to create the hole for his back and holds his block until his back can get through the hole. The next play starts the Jackson State film and on this play he drives his defender off the ball and continues his block throughout the play. The next play he goes up to the line backer and creates the seal for the alley for the back to run up even though the play gets blown up by a missed block from the slot receiver. On the last play even though he isn't able to fully engage with Houston he's able to keep his feet moving and keep him out the play that's coming right off his back.

This week during practices at the Senior Bowl, Carter has been playing some guard along with tackle. I believe he has the ability to play both tackle and guard but I also think his true position is Tackle for two reasons. His main downfall is his weight and that can be developed and two he reminds me a little of Washington Commanders T Charles Leno Jr. who is 6'4 302 Lbs. Leno is very agile but not the strongest at his position, so he relies on his agility and technique to block. Leno is a decent run blocker but very proficient in pass blocking because of his clean technique but his lack of strength hinders his ability to drive defenders. I believe Carter will have less of those issues because he has shown his raw strength, specifically in his grip, on film.

I expect Carter to be taken in the mid-late rounds in the range of 4th-6th rounds. I think he can contribute on a team as a rookie on special teams and also as a swing tackle because of his athleticism and his ability to kick inside at guard can help him get on the field early.

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