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Alabama State OL Tytus Howard

Tytus Howard is a behemoth at 6’5 322 Lbs with 34.5” arms. Howard has some Jason Peters in him, he’s really big but his athleticism is very sneaky, he enrolled at Alabama State as a QB then moved to TE then he finally settled in at RT. The fact he’s only been playing OL for a couple years shows his coachability. When Alabama State played Auburn this season he looked very comfortable playing against one of the top teams in the country. He was very stout in the run rarely or if ever got pushed off the line of scrimmage. At Senior Bowl practices Howard was able to win a lot of his 1 on 1’s and impressed scouts with his athleticism and strength.Once in his grips he is almost impossible to escape from. One thing that will happen is Howard will get beat off the line and his technique goes out the window, his feet cross and he also may lung and lose his base. He also will sometimes be very high in his stance pre-snap and he will shoot off the ball very high (Happened against Montez Sweat during 1 on 1’s, but washed Sweat out the play the very next rep). I think Howard’s pro position is Guard, he still has the ability to play tackle but his size and strength will allow him to be an anchor on the inside. Howard was a walk-on at ASU and now he’s an underdog from an FCS school looking to make it in the league, but adversity isn’t new to Howard. His versatility and athleticism will make him an intriguing name on draft day.

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