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Bowie State QB Amir Hall

Amir Hall is one of the most decorated Quarterbacks in not his only school’s history, but in the CIAA conference history as well. Hall went from a lightly recruited QB who hadn’t proved his throwing ability in a run heavy offense, to the CIAA all-time leader in career passing yards and passing touchdowns. Hall leaves Bowie State its all-time leader in most major QB stats with a 26-9 record as a starter and also brought them its first CIAA Championship. Hall reminds me of a less athletic Colin Kaepernick. Some positive things Hall and Kaepernick have in common are 1. They had a good and smooth understanding of when to pull the ball on run options. 2. They both have strong arms with good touch and aren’t afraid to air it out. 3. They both were good pre-snap. The negative traits they share are 1. They had funky deliveries throwing the ball that take a little time, 2. Not a lot experience under center due to their college offenses being mainly spread. 3 Their slight frames and 4. Happy feet under pressure. Hall especially struggled with this, in a loss against Chowan (3rd in CIAA in Sacks) this season Hall threw two interceptions on throws he forced. But throughout the season Hall protected the ball much better only having 6 INTs in every other game. Efficiency was something Hall excelled in, having a career 64% completion rating as a starter and improved it every year as a starter. Amir Hall in my opinion will benefit the most from the lack of division 1 talent at Qb in this years draft. He was invited to the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl game, but was only given one drive on the field that included one throwing attempt. Hopefully Hall is invited to the NFL Combine where he will have an equal opportunity to showcase his talent.

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