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Film Breakdown: How Freshman QB Shedeur Sanders has been dominating this season.

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Shedeur Sanders came into this season with lofty expectations surrounding him and his program as a whole. Jackson State started the Deion Sanders era in the spring where they showed some potential in the passing game, but this season the JSU offense has been clicking. This has a lot to do with the great play of their Freshman QB, Sanders has started this season completing 70% of his passes with 1,852 passing yards 17 TDs to 1 INT, with 3 rushing TD's to go along. I'm going to breakdown some plays that showcase what makes Sanders so dangerous.

On this first play we take a look his coolness under pressure and his athletic abilities. With a defender in his face off the play fake, Sanders continues his roll out and evades the defender to complete the pass. Most Freshman wouldn't make this play, most would either have taken the sack or tucked it and ran. A common theme about Sanders is he keeps his eyes downfield at all times.

On this play against Alabama St., Sanders again shows his ability to escape the rush while still looking for a play, but this time Sanders is looking to push the ball. On this play he shows, accuracy and situation ball placement, once he shook the defender of him he had barely enough time to find his top receiver Keith Corbin III. Corbin's defender had lost track of him and had his back towards Sanders. With great situational awareness, Sanders threw a jump ball to the 6'2 Corbin where only he would get it.

On this play vs AAMU, Sanders shows his off his football IQ in his post-snap read ( I say pre-snap in the video on accident). As you can see in the video he looks pre-snap and sees he has 2 high safeties and corners playing off the ball, which indicates cover 3 or quarters. When the safety drops down, Sanders knows he has Trevonte Rucker (not Keith Corbin as said in video) on a post/skinny post and he stays patient and lets the opening develop and tosses a dart between the corner and safety.

This play I think is one of the more revealing plays of Sanders because it's the most veteran play he made. On third down on the first drive of the game Sanders drops back and initially has a clean pocket. Then a defender squeaks through the line on a late blitz, Sanders keeps his eyes downfield and sees his guy Keith Corbin III getting open across the middle. He stands tall and delivers a strike through a big hit to get the first down. Like the first play, this isn't the play most Freshmen would make.

Sanders has shown his ability already to be an elite passer in SWAC only 7 games into his career. I personally am excited to his growth over the next 3-4 years.

*video from Cut Day Sports on YouTube @cutdaysports on Twitter*

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