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NCAT RB Marquell Cartwright

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Coming in at 5’8 and 203 Lbs Marquell Cartwright is not your typical small back in the NFL anymore. His game is very comparable to the likes of Maurice Jones-Drew and Doug Martin. Cartwright may be small in stature but he is very compact and has the power to run over even bigger defenders. He’s also very slippery and hard to contain, his low center of gravity and strong base makes him a nightmare tackle one-on-one. To go along with all that he will burst out of big holes like a cannon and has decent break away speed but his lateral quickness is a huge asset. Cartwright was pretty explosive for NCAT’s offense last season averaging 5.1 YPC and 7 TDs playing in all 12 games. Cartwright has the ability from day 1 to contribute in system where they run by committee and with good coaching grow into a number 1 RB. Cartwright has the tendency to bounce designed inside runs to the outside, if he cleans this up and he’s one of the more polished backs in this draft class.

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