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Jun 21, 2022
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It easier to find information, but has also expanded the distribution of these products, changed the way they are sold (for example, by usa phone list sites aimed primarily at women), and eliminated the feeling of embarrassment that could remain for some consumers (and especially female consumers) when buying this type of product. The Internet has made it possible to buy whatever you want from home and without anyone being able to say or think anything. In fact, part of the success of 50 Shades of Grayand the later publishing boom of the erotic novel were closely usa phone list to this reality. As not a few editorial analysts explained at the time, the fact that buying these books on the internet provided a certain anonymity (anonymity to which was added being able to read them in ebook format, which meant that the covers were not visible), eliminated for not a few male and female readers the first barriers to entry. They were the first stone for a later success that made possibly fall all the barriers that could remain and that made many readers already feel comfortable reading those novels. And perhaps that is what the internet may also be doing now with the purchase of erotic products and toys. the market numbers One of the latest statistics on how much money erotic products move already pointed to quite high figures in terms usa phone list consumption of this type of product. The turnover of erotic product companies (according to statistics from usa phone list Dolce Love in 2015) usa phone list already at 500 million annually, thanks, they pointed out at the time, to changes in consumption patterns. The professionalization of sexologists, the appearance of new business models or the boom in tupper sex meetings, they pointed out, had consolidated the sector. And, of course, among the data that had made the market grow was also online distribution, which had boosted consumption. So, the specialists behind the numbers pointed out that the forecasts for the following years were based on growth in market share and sales. Another Dolce Love study pointed out that the buyers were already the ones who were maintaining the market. 8 out of 10 buyers of usa phone list toys in Spain (according to a 2016 study) are women, aged between 20 and 45 years. These consumers spent an average of about 60 euros for each purchase and an usa phone list of 15% more than men. The fact that there were more and more physical stores, but also that there were many more specialized websites and that all of them had a modern and careful image, explained in the results of the Dolce Love study, that more was bought and that it was reached this market niche. The toys had managed to change their positioning image on a more general level and had begun to be seen more widely by the population as a key to having a fulfilling sexual life.
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